Click the play button, if you’d like musical accompaniment. It’s “Holy Ground”, written and performed by Craig Taubman. (For now, we’re using a very simple player that just plays, so you’ll have to adjust your speaker volume.)



2013 Shabbaton

2013 Purim

2013 Sisterhood’s Bingo Night

2013 Kid’s Seder

2012 Purim

2012 Ecumenical

2011 Purim

2011 Hanukkah

2010 Thanksgiving




Friday Evening Services - 7:00 PM
Followed by Oneg Shabbat
Musical Shabbat on first Friday of the month
Followed by Oneg Shabbat
* Occasionally we have an earlier start,
so check the Calendar

Saturday Morning Services - 10:00 AM
Followed by Kiddush lunch.

Shiva and Yahrzeit Minyanim - By Request

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